Record cover copy paintings

IDEA: Transform a mass-produced music product into a finely crafted art object.

WHAT:  Painted record covers, booklets and CD’s. A CD installation, both an elaborate work of painting, and a dogged act of performance. Put on the headphones and you’ll hear the artist’s own, out-of-tune, a capella attempts to sing the songs from memory.

WHY: There are a lot of cover bands out there, but these covers are the best. In the midst of a cacophony of countless artists and musicians trying to make themselves heard, with CDs, Aikawa has carved out a tranquil spot where you can put on his headphones and listen to something truly unusual. Imbued with a physicality this is perhaps the very antithesis of the more throwaway gestures that form the majority of online tributes.

BY: Aikawa Masaru

VIA: Making Waves

Cover a cover 02Cover a cover 07Cover a cover 06Cover a cover 03Cover a cover 05Cover a cover 01



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