Damien Hirst & Gorillaz’ Jeff Wootton’s unique album

IDEA: limited edition artwork and music on a vinyl-only album.

WHAT: Damien Hirst created 10 ‘spin’ artworks in a 10 page limited edition book. Each spin cycle art represents one of the album’s 10 tracks created by Gorillaz lead guitarist Jeff Wootton. For only £60 apiece.

WHY: Music and visual art fuze into a unique limited edition.

BY: Damien Hirst & Jeff Wooton

VIA: #makingwaves

Damien Hirst Gorillaz 04

Damien Hirst Gorillaz 01

Damien Hirst Gorillaz 03

Damien Hirst Gorillaz 02

LISTEN: On Spotify The Way The Light



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