Ultra Acoustic Materials

IDEA: Focus on ultra high and ultra short acoustic waves that travel through materials in conditions of stress.

WHAT: In this ‘Golfvorm’ installation series on ultra acoustic waves, the artist focusses on gravity and time. The iron elements come in three different constellations: iron as a mineral, iron as a steel component and iron oxidising in an aesthetic interpretation of a ‘buckling’ set-up. 

WHY: A stretched moment of instability that will eventually lead to failure. Ultra-acoustic waves are a valuable tool in the evaluation of the integrity of infrastructure.

BY: #ChristophDeBoeck and Dr. #HelgePfeiffer

VIA: #MakingWaves blog by #SOLOMusicGallery

#SoundArt #Acoustics #Material #ContemporaryArt #InstallationArt #SoundSculpture #Sculpture #UltraAcousticEmission

via SOLO Music Gallery


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