Birdsong Megaphone Nest

IDEA: Let bird songs fulfil an innate craving to spend time in nature, and experience psychological satisfaction of nature in general. 

WHAT: ‘Orator’ is an object combining strong visual aesthetics with functional purposes, and fulfilling the needs of both birds and people. It combines a planter with an ergonomic bird feeder, a nest and a speaker. Clambering plant gradually transforms the cage into a safe and cozy nest, while the speaker enhances the sound of pleased birds singing.

WHY: Peaceful sounds of nature along with taking care of animals, while pleasing the eye, are certain to improve the well-being of a person living in town.

BY: #KatiaTolstykh

VIA: #MakingWaves blog by #SOLOMusicGallery

#SoundArt #ProductDesign #Nature #Orator #Spring #BirdsNest #DesignArt #SoundInstallation #InstallationArt #Megaphone #Speaker #Birdsong

via SOLO Music Gallery


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