From here to ear

IDEA: Transliterations of natural structure, aural identification of certain realities which are not seen for eyes.

WHAT: The 19th version of an organic installation specifically conceived for the spaces of the Contemporary Art Square of the Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts, transformed into a gigantic aviary. Resulting in a sonic arrangement featuring seventy zebra finches, electric guitars, amplifiers and cymbals. Seventy songbirds fill a room littered with 14 electric guitars on stands. As the birds perch on the strings of the guitars, they create a cacophonous song of pre-recorded rock, punk and heavy-metal chords.

WHY: The artistry lies in the disjointed music as a product of living.

BY: #CélesteBoursierMougenot at the #MontrealMuseumFineArts

VIA: #MakingWaves blog by #SOLOMusicGallery

#SoundInstallation #SoundArt #InstallationArt #FromHereToEar #ContemporaryArt #Guitar #Cymbal #Amplifier #Birds #ZebraFinch #ContemporaryArtSquare #Nature

via SOLO Music Gallery


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