Oiled rock’n roll

IDEA: When a US Navy ship gets refuelled at sea and the two ships move apart, the captain plays a rock’n roll song on the vessel’s intercom, as a farewell and to motivate the sailors during their lonely months at sea.

WHAT: A set of sculptural audio filters through which ‘Breakaway Songs’ is diffused in the exhibition space. Moved by automated cranes, two hydrophones dive into two bunkers full of motor oil. The music gets altered and distorted by the thick liquid and affected by noises from the mechanics and motors, and slowly fades away.

WHY: A poetic contradiction between the isolation at sea vs. mass culture, oil vs. rock ‘n roll, the strict US Navy rules vs. the captain’s sensitivity to play music by way of farewell.

BY: #JulienGrossmann

VIA: #MakingWaves blog by #SOLOMusicGallery

#SoundArt #InstallationArt #MusicSculpture #SoundSculpture #Dordtyart #ContemporaryArt #BreakawaySongs #Rocknroll #USNavy #Oil #Oiltanker #Ship #Sea

via SOLO Music Gallery


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