Stereo People

IDEA: A dynamic visual recording of a specific moment in live music performances.

WHAT: The ‘Stereo People’ exhibition are stereoscopic photos of Belgrade’s cult rock bands in their personal ambiance of music venues and rehearsal studios. The images are imprinted with shades of red and cyan colours in anaglyphic technology which gives a stereo image when viewed through 3D glasses.

WHY: ‘stereo’ primary has a positive connotation of something that is upgraded from monoscope state. These visually rich images construct a contrast between the subject and its surroundings, and at same time nullifying it with the addition of an illusionist component.

BY: #AleksandarIlic at #O3ONE Art Space in Belgrade during the #BelgradePhotoMonth

VIA: #MakingWaves blog by #SOLOMusicGallery

#MusicPhotography #Photography #StereoscopicPhotos #Stereoscope #Anaglyphic #Rocknroll #3Dphoto #3Dglasses

via SOLO Music Gallery


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