Frieze Sounds New York


IDEA: Audio commissions at Frieze Art Fair New York.

WHAT: ‘Frieze Sounds’ is a program of new artist commissions premiered at Frieze New York. Frieze Sounds will be played in the BMW 7 Series cars at the fair, and via listening stations inside the new Reading Room and BMW Lounge. 

WHY: These commissions underlines the importance and current relevance of an emerging art genre.

BY: #GiorgioAndreottaCalò, #MADRIEMA #GCC, #LizMagicLaser, Presented by #BMW and curated by #CeciliaAlemani. More info at: Frieze Sounds

#SoundArt #FriezeSounds #FriezeArtFair #Frieze #Soundscape #ContemporaryArt #AudioArt


The work created by Giorgio Andreotta Calò in collaboration with MADRIEMA evokes an imagined sound landscape that keeps unveiling structurally, as layers of audio manipulations are all applied to one short vocal loop, slowly melting into layers of electronic waves.

Drawing soundbites from antidepressant ads, airline marketing material and quotes from the Qur’an read by a generic female voice with a vague British accent, this work by GCC aims to revitalise spaciousness and explore power, imperialism and allegiance through language.

In her new audio work, Liz Magic Laser ventriloquizes the voices of Donald Trump and an investigative reporter in a philosophical dialogue that takes on the character of therapeutic ruminations. With voice actors Julie Cummings and Chris Ferretti. Recorded and edited with Phil Lee at CityVox.

via SOLO Music Gallery


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