Tin Space. Induction series #4

IDEA: What can be seen and what can be heard and which transitions exist in between.

WHAT: The series uses a combination of everyday objects, magnets and coils to generate electromagnetic charges. At the same time it explores how sound is created from the generate charge which can resonate in these objects. The floating structure of tin boxes is kept together by strong magnets that create a permanent magnetic field at the same time. Electromagnetic coils move the structure, creating light vibrations that produce sound. The vibrations are amplified acoustically by natural resonances which transform the tin boxes into sound boxes. 

WHY: The work reviews and re-interprets the laws of electromagnetic induction to make sounds.

BY: #AernoudtJacobs at DA-Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, Hörstel, Germany, 2016

VIA: #MakingWaves blog by #SOLOMusicGallery

#Magnetism #Induction #SoundArt #SoundSculpture #SoundInstallation #InstallationArt #ContemporaryArt #SoundSeeing

via SOLO Music Gallery


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