War Damaged Musical Instruments

IDEA: Collect, record and display old musical instruments which were damaged by war.

WHAT: Fourteen recordings of British and German brass and wind instruments damaged in conflicts over the last centuries, which bear traces of damage: bullet holes, dents or missing parts. The melody is based on The Last Post, Sometimes it’s a sharp bugle note, sometimes a sonorous gasp, sometimes a noise like wind in a drainpipe. 

WHY: A fresh breath passes through these wrecked instruments since the wars that ruined them. The galleries echo with call and response, from war to war, place to place. The sounds recall last breaths and death rattles, slow exhalations. As much as distant wars, fallen armies and martial music, it is hard not to think of other musics, other times. It is impossible not to think of the soaring, melancholy sounds created by Miles Davis and Albert Ayler.

BY: #SusanPhilipsz

VIA: #MakingWaves blog by #SOLOMusicGallery

#War #Music #Instrument #SoundArt #MusicSculpture #SoundInstallation #InstallationArt #History #Brass

via SOLO Music Gallery


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