Away from Basel’s main fair PART V

IDEA: An overview of sound and music related art away from the main fair in Basel.

WHAT: PART V : Zimoun’s sound art installation for Sennheiser at Ostquai. Off-fair Ping Pong Basel at Projektraum M54 (including some proper punkrock), and an off-fair exhibition at the CRAC Alsace Centre for Contemporary Art, ’Hidden Poems’ sets off in search of poems which already exist but are concealed on record sleeves. 

WHY: A status quo of sound and music in contemporary art.

BY: #Zimoun at #Ostquai, #PingPong at #ProjektraumM54 and #NatalieCzech at #CRAC

VIA: #MakingWaves blog by #SOLOMusicGallery

#ArtFair #OffFair #ArtBasel2016 #Sculptures #Music #Sound #InstallationArt #Poetry #ContemporaryArt #Basel #PingPong #Alsace #CRAC #Vinyl #Records

Young sound artists from around the world are invited to submit pioneering ideas for innovative audio projects. Sennheiser is supporting these artists during the creation of their works with some of the world’s most modern audio equipment.

Ping Pong is an independent exhibition project of Contemporary Art. The transmission of content of contemporary art and different cultures is a major topic of this project, as well as the establishment of contact between artists and the public.  Punk rock band The Surfers Lombego  are closely associated with the project the establishment of Ping Pong and performed at the exhibition.

CRAC Alsace
CRAC Alsace is a contemporary art center devoted to research and creation which through the conception of exhibitions, publishing and specific activities of mediation, aims to support artistic production by encouraging the encounters between the public, the artists and the artworks.

via SOLO Music Gallery


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