Tarek Aroui performs at BMW TATE Live

IDEA: Compositions intended as structures for improvisation rather than finished compositions, a dialogue with the instrument makers and musicians invited to play by the artist. 

WHAT: ‘The Reverse Collection’ sound pieces are based on three new scores by the artist and two other composers. The performances will be recorded and added to the existing sound recordings to create soundscapes that get richer and more complex over the duration of the show. The instruments on display when the musicians are absent are a mixture of quasi-traditional looking blowing horns, African head-stands and, most bizarre perhaps, fine looking porcelain tea cups. The instruments are nevertheless based on ‘aurality’ and not on the visual impact or social knowledge of the originals.

WHY: It provide a sort of musical memory of sounds. The project poses broader questions about how to share and preserve time-based media works within the museum of 21st century.

BY: #TarekAtoui at #TATEModern, read more about performance dates and times, continuing until 25 September.

VIA: #MakingWaves blog by #SOLOMusicGallery

#PerformanceArt #SoundArt #Instruments #ContemporaryArt #ExperimentalArt #LiveMusic #TheReverseCollection

via SOLO Music Gallery


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