‘Dialogues’ Music for Architecture

IDEA: Architecture is frozen music (Goethe).

WHAT: According to architect David Adjaye and his musician brother Peter, every building has its own soundtrack. They now released a new 10-track vinyl record of their sonic collaborations. ‘Dialogues’ acts as an antidote to a visual obsession. Some of the tracks are sound installations designed to be played in David’s pavilions, while others are soundtracks that exist independently. The cover features the ‘Echo’ sketch that inspired their first collaboration: an installation for David’s 2003 Asymmetric Chamber. 

WHY: Rhythms and melodies are in everything that surrounds us, every space has its own soundtrack. Music is how we navigate the world.

BY: Peter and David Adjaye


Side A:
‘Darkest Light’ – Elektra House
‘Reflections of a Golden Dream’- Stephen Lawrence Centre
‘Footprints in 3 suites’ – Horizon Pavilion

Side B:
‘PeaceSphere’ – Nobel Peace Centre, Nobel Field
‘Patterns’- Ideas Stores Side C
‘Journey to the One’ – Upper Rooms
‘Three Views of Light’ – Genesis Pavilion Side D
‘Dirty House Music’ – Dirty House
‘Chromatic Fantasy’ – Your Black Horizon Art Pavilion
‘Echoes’ – Asymmetric Chamber

via SOLO Music Gallery


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