Featured artist: Andreas Trobollowitsch

IDEA: An overview of Andreas Trobollowitch his sound art work.

WHAT:  The Vienna-based composer, performer and sound- and installation artist, has recently been focusing on sound performances, sound installations, conceptual compositions and drawing installations, where he uses prepared musical instruments, modified air fans, tapes and field recordings.

The Ventorgano is a playable sound sculpture that allows its player precise control. It consists of five resonating bodies shaped like square columns, over which one guitar string each is strung and made to vibrate by prepared fans. Per string there are two fans that turn at differing speeds; as these speeds shift, micro- rhythmical elements are the result. The speed of each individual fan can be adjusted progressively, which also changes the overtone spectrum. A guitar peg is mounted at the bottom end of each string; these pegs can be turned to alter the pitch of the corresponding strings. In order to produce a precise interpretation of the pieces composed for the Ventorgano, the ends of each string feature a tuner that indicates frequency changes. The basic pitch can be altered from composition to composition.

Acoustic Turntables
The acoustic turntable do not need connections, they do not need sophisticated pins, they do not require any equalizer. However they do not grow on trees, they are just as nature intended. Recorded at St. Peter an der Sperr, oktober 2015. Bideo by Cinthia Mendonça.

The feedbackbox is a sound installation for loudspeakers, microphones, fans and pieces of paper. The microphons which are positioned at a different distance towards each speaker, serve to produce a feedback sound. The fans which are in front of the speakerboxes ensure that the The pieces of paper constantly change their positions as the air fans blow them up and down. Thsi causes a ‘feedback signal’ which is repeatedly interrrupted for a fraction of a second, resulting in a perpetually changing feedback melody

A spatial sound installation for four acoustic guitars on the wall. Four converted ventilators which use cello-bow hair instead of propellers set the strings into oscillation. Soundscapes arise through the soft, smooth picking of the guitar strings by the circling cello-bow hair, the permanently modifying overtone layers are reminiscent of an electronically generated sound aesthetic.

Walkman Paintings
Drawing installation for walkmen, microphone stands, pencils and paper.


via SOLO Music Gallery

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