Sound Cubes

IDEA: Rediscover space with dislocated sounds.

WHAT: Water pipes, one of the most commonly seen construction materials in the city, are the key theme of ‘Sound Cube’. Curved water pipes are connected together and visitors can listen to the different sounds via different ear holes, and through onsite control, modify the original sounds. He intended for visitors to rediscover space with dislocated sounds; other than seeing blocked spaces, this exhibit incorporated sound elements, letting the sounds travel in the spaces in the pipes to create different sounds. By adjusting the spaces between the steps, and resting areas, visitors will be able to discover the wonders of space.

WHY: Cai had been an artist of spatial pieces in the past. In recent years he incorporated sounds into his spatial works to generate more discussion, and he tried to use sounds to influence people’s perceptions about space. 

BY: Cai Kun-Lin


via SOLO Music Gallery

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