Portable Japanese record player exhibition

IDEA: Showing Japanese vintage vinyl culture.

WHAT: The exhibition of the collection of over one hundred portable turntables belonging to Fumihito Taguchi, a record shop owner in Tokyo. Taguchi lifts the veil of a collection of true 6o’s, 70’s and 80’s rarities.

BY: Fumihito Taguchi at Tokyo’s Lifestyle Design Center

BOOK: One of the coolest books on turntable culture ever seen – a really lovely book that features dozens and dozens of Japanese portable turntables – each laid out with lots of photos, model information, and listing of the features too! The book is similar to some of the Japanese discographies on the market – but it’s got a special focus on that nation’s long legacy of ultra-cool portable record players – featured here in models from the postwar years to the present, each one groovier than the next! There’s lots more text in the book in Japanese, but there’s plenty to enjoy if you can’t read the language – as the book is very visual overall, and even has a section in back of special players that handle unusual formats and special records too. Book is 240 pages, full color, and looks as groovy on the inside as it does on the outside! Buy at Dusty Grooves.

via SOLO Music Gallery

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