‘Wallwave Vibrations’ at ArtPrize

IDEA: Waves influence every aspect of our lives – whether they are part of the electromagnetic spectrum (light, radio, heat), sonic vibration in the form of sound waves, or quiet ripples on the water in our kitchen sink. Make those waves – something often invisible to the naked eye – and visible in a sculptural serie.

WHAT: In his ongoing series of relief sculptures Loris Cecchini appears to liquify the walls of art galleries by turning them into pools of undulating waves caused by sound. Each piece is first digitally produced and then fabricated with polyester resin before being seamlessly applied to a flat surface. A part of the serie is currently on view at ArtPrize, an American art festival where art from around the world pops up in over 160 venues, and every inch of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

“In my most recent sculptures, the ‘Wallwave Vibrations’ series, one loses the element of the object proper. The concern for alteration is concerned more particularly with the physical manifestation of the vibrations, expressed each time with different frequencies and intensities, wherein the visual pattern becomes ‘echo’ of a phenomenon like a succession of waves on a liquid surface. In this direction it is as if the architecture, or a portion of it, is modified by the relationship between the sculpture and the wall.”  – Loris Cecchini

WHY: A relief audio sculpture in dialogue with architecture, which normally relies on the logic of linear and planar elements, yet here the geometry of the sphere is a roughly circular composition. As a result, the sculpture seems to pulsate or vibrate from behind the surface of the wall. 

BY: Loris Cecchini on view from Sept 21 till during ArtPrize at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, in Grand Rapids (MI, USA).

via SOLO Music Gallery


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