The Subjective Frequency Transducer

IDEA: Explore the internal frequencies of a performer as a musical accompaniment.

WHAT: The Subjective Frequency Transducer is both a musical instrument and a measuring device. An interactive sound installation that registrars and regenerates the internal resonance of the performer. The instrument is introduced through a live performance by Stine Janvin Motland, Fredrik Olofsson and audience.

WHY: Inspired by antique anatomy studies, principles of esoteric science and the human voice physiology, this experiment is looking into the body´s anatomic structure as a potential source of artistic material.

BY: A collaborative experiment by Stine Janvin Motland, visual artist Marianne Vierø, and composer and software developer Fredrik Olofsson. Upcoming show at LUFF in Lausanne 2016, 19-23 oktober 2016.

via SOLO Music Gallery


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