Sound drawings on Baton Rouge anger

IDEA: Sound art and accompanied drawings as objects of meditation.

WHAT: Created during his time as an artist-in-residence at Grand Central Art Center, Jesse Kees new body of work ‘Days’ involves field and studio recordings, processed and edited into a series of sound pieces that can be observed as a loose narrative about his experience in the Santa Ana area. The works draw upon Kees’ emotions felt during the time period of July 5-14, 2016, the related drawings were made to accompany the sound pieces as objects of meditation.

WHY: The visual interpretation of the sound pieces are proving a more profound inside in the artist’s mind.

BY: Jesse Kees, ‘Days’, on view at Grand Central Art Centre,  Santa Ana (CA, USA), August 6 – October 16, 2016

One of the sounds pieces from Days is ‘July 8, 2016 (Anger for July 5, 2016, Baton Rouge)’:

“This is about the anger I feel towards the police officers that shot Alton Sterling on July 5, 2016 and for all the other similar events that continue to plague our country. I was born in Baton Rouge and cannot be with the people there during this time, so this is the event that I’m inclined to focus on, and this is the outlet that I am accustom to expressing through.”  – Jesse Kees

via SOLO Music Gallery


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