IDEA: A sculpture that progressed from representing an instrument and has become an interpreter of an instrument instead.

WHAT: "GOLD" is an installation in two parts, as a complimentary juxtaposition to their new work, “Gold”, Lolo y Sosaku chose to include an updated version of an earlier piece, “Dancer” (2015). In order to gather kinetic, sonic and visual life, “Gold” moves with the help of an integrated motor while a large golden cloth covers and hides the usual nakedness of its structure. Thus, questions about the content and the superficial arise and add up to a multi-sensorial hypothesis, conducted through the observer. Cloaked in a resplendent golden cloth, “Gold” radiates energy and vitality as it manoeuvres with its breath like motions. By contrast “Dancer” – while similarly aided in movement by an electronic motor – is naked, exposed and delicate, yet at the same time does not capitulate to feebleness or fragility, instead revealing strength in ever changing form and movement. 

WHY: With its visual impact and subtle cadence of movement, the new installation work by Lolo y Sosaku, “GOLD”, stands apart from previous works by the artist duo. Acting as dual forces, “Gold” and “Dancer”, communicate with one another through independent rhythmic movements and the reflected light and shadow they create around one another.

BY: Lolo y Sosaku, in collaboration with Tangent Projects, at Fundació Gaspar, Barcelona.

via SOLO Music Gallery


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