IDEA: ‘Future Folk Instruments’, new electro-acoustic instruments.

WHAT: The ‘Bighorn’ is one of the first in this series and looks futuristic and archaic at the same time. An elastic web hangs inside the wheel-shaped mouth, with a microphone in the middle. The core of the Bellyhorn produces a low electronic keynote as a reference for Verdonk her wistful melodies. The Bellyhorn produces an overwhelming sound, ultra-low bass notes that resonate deeply.

WHY: Nowadays electronics are the main instrument for musicians. Verdonk tries to make her musical intentions audible, in an intuitive way, without pushing and turning any buttons. The instructions to play a violin are clear, however at the Bellyhorn this is one big exploration. 

BY: Dianne Verdonk at Vechtclub XL during the Gaudeamus Musicweek

Design sketches:

via SOLO Music Gallery

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