Musical Clock

IDEA: A clock with a historical musocal context.

WHAT: The new DINN musical clock shows its minimalist nature and uncovers a precious and ‘dinging’ heart’. For his latest project, the artist has turns towards music, with a deep and vivid understanding of its historical events: “the year is 1827; the scene, ‘teatro la pergola’ in Florence. the curtain descends. the stage is bathed in light as hushed darkness falls on the auditorium. the repartee is sparkling, witty, and riveting. flashes of original virtuosity hold the audience spellbound. we may be in a theater, but this is no set piece. the dialogue is not between actors, for the protagonists are a violin and a bell. the whimsical genius of Niccolò Paganini created concerto no. 2 for violin and orchestra. indeed ‘La Campanella’ (the little bell) is his most famous concerto. and its first performance was by the maestro himself in this ornate florentine setting. but musical masterpieces never lose their charm.” Hence, using ‘La Campanella’ as a driving design concept, je has applied its complex and original characteristics to a clock.

WHY: The Italian musician-designer was inspired by the Concerto No. 2 for violin and orchestra, known as “La Campanella” (the little bell), of the whimsical genius of Niccolò Paganini.

BY: Alessandro Zambelli

via SOLO Music Gallery

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