250 sonic manifestations

IDEA: Sonic manifestations by 250 artists from The Hague.

WHAT: A collaborative project that weaves the sounds of 250 of The Hague’s (The Netherlands) creative minds into an exploration of the city’s vibrant sonic tapestry. Fifty curators were invited to rally the city’s creative community, gathering contributions from composers, experimental musicians, sound artists, and noise makers in the broadest and most inclusive definition of contemporary sonic creativity. Resulting in a collection of 195 tracks by 250 artists, which are made available both in the form of an online edition on www.audiodh.nl and also as a physical edition, as a high capacity USB memory card, published by iii editions. Furthermore, the contributions collected are used as material for new meta-compositions created by HARING (Humanless Audio Recombinator for Infinite Novelty Generation), a software system designed by Francisco López together with Andrea Vogrig and Darien Brito. The collection has recently been launched at Korzo theatre during TodaysArt Festival with a concert performed by HARING. Audio-DH will be presented further at various public listening stations (see below).

WHY: As Francisco López states: “Rejecting nostalgia and elitism, I am among those who believe that the current sound creative situation worldwide is not only particularly appealing but also has no historical precedent in terms of the magnitude of the phenomenon of creativity socialization (a term I prefer over the more equivocal of ‘democratization’). This state of affairs is not a consequence of ‘the internet’ or ‘the social networks’ –as many seem to dogmatically assume nowadays. In my opinion, the causal sequence is at least an iterative bidirectional succession, if not the outright inverse. The essential mechanisms of this process were present before and they have indeed manifested themselves in their outcomes every time the techno-cultural conditions were right (two pre-internet examples are the social history of the electric guitar and the so-called ‘cassette culture’). The current discourse is quite often focused on the evolution and accessibility of the tools (‘new technologies’, ‘computers’…). This perspective is not only deficient in light of its positivist character and its teleological fiction, but also because it obliterates what is perhaps the most significant process of transformation that has taken place over the past few decades: the ethic and aesthetic socialization of the right to create.”

BY: Conceived and directed by Francisco LópezBarbara Ellison and the artist platform iii.

Go to www.audiodh.nl to listen to the audio tracks.

Public listening stations:

Coincidentally with the solo exhibition of Doron Sadja ‘We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together’ presented by iii at Tetem, audio-DH will be presented at the art centre in Enschede between November 10th 2016 and January 29th 2017. A listening station will make accessible the online edition, for visitors to browse the collection within the exhibition space.

During TodaysArt festival between September 23rd and 25th 2016 audio-DH will be presented as a listening station in the cafe’ of Filmhuis. The online edition will be accessible for visitors to browse the collection, while HARING (Humanless Audio Recombinator for Infinite Novelty Generation) will be generating a continuous audio stream throughout the festival.

During the TodaysArt symposium in the panel on the topic of “Novel Tools for Sonic Manifestations” Francisco López will be joined by Andrea Vogrig and Darien Brito to present the software HARING (Humanless Audio Recombinator for Infinite Novelty Generation) developed specifically for audio-DH with Supercollider. Saturday, September 24th 2016, 15:00 Filmhuis, Zaal 5, The Hague.

via SOLO Music Gallery

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