Alejandro T. Acierto

IDEA: In introduction in the sound art of Alejandro T. Acierto.

WHAT: Being an artist and musician, his work employs the breath, the voice, and the processes that enable them as materials to reflect on themes of belonging and affinity. Drawing on histories of exclusion and marginalization, his practice seeks to reassert agency to those stories that have been subjected to silence, rupture, and abandon. Most recently, his work around the breath has come to enable a strategy for becoming, a predecessor to speech where the breath remains a site of possibility. As a space that gives agency to voices that are no longer offered the ability to speak, this investigation allows him to link the body with histories of marginalization while contemplating the means for which these voices are mediated. 

WHY: Refashioning the body as a way to reaffirm and reimagine struggles of self-determination, the breath and the voice thus become sites of investigation that enable exchange, dialogue, and transformation. 

BY: Alejandro T. Acierto on view at Corner Gallery, Chicago, until

via SOLO Music Gallery

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