Quilt compositions

IDEA: A tactile sound quilt.

WHAT: An interactive quilt, made in collaboration with composer Michael Tanner, sound artist Gawain Hewitt and the ‘Quirky Quilters’ Easton. Using four major life events of St. Nicholas as the starting point for this work Easton has created a large scale quilt embedded with a narrative specific composition by Michael Tanner. 

BY: Stewart Easton. Curated by Craftspace and initiated by Somerset Art Works in partnership with the National Trust. The large tithe barn within The Priory complex, a rare and unique group of medieval domestic and agricultural buildings, is the focus of this contemporary craft project. The title ‘Gather-ing’ references the function of a barn as a space to collect/bring/gather people, animals and crops, as well as a symbolic meeting place to gather for ritual celebration.

WHY: The audience is invited to created a dialogue with the piece by gently interacting with the hand embroidered centre piece. His piety knows no bounds was made for the contemporary craft residency and commissions for ‘The Priory’, in Stoke Sub Hamdon, Somerset. 

via SOLO Music Gallery


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