La Finta Semplice

IDEA: An intervention inspired by the life and work of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: La Finta Semplice.

WHAT: Two sound art installations. The first, ’Unità Minime di Sensibilità’ , is an audio speaker waterfall: in the cloister of the former Franciscan monastery weaving a continuous ductus and surprisingly harmonious with dense vegetation that invades the patio and rounded arches.
Secondly: Four cellos, four violins, four violas, four basses on steel cables (which seem darting like thin blades) generating an admirable formal installation  with rhythmic perfection.

WHY: Although the language of music in the last century has enriched the dissonance by new instrumental possibilities and the use of electronic media, today like then, the public has difficulty in accepting the ‘new’. But it is only thanks to innovative composers such as Mozart that today there is a common idea of music. The duty of the modern composer is to look elsewhere using the means at its disposal and to widen the prospects of listening even if they go beyond the common acceptance. The conception of music and all arts has changed and more and more frequent the phenomena are related to their admixture, which opened the way to pluriformity. 

BY: Roberto Pugliese. La Finta Semplice was presented by ASLC projects for art, for the twelfth edition of Art Verona: the exhibition, organised in collaboration with the Art Museums and Monuments of the Municipality of Verona, directed by Margherita Bolla, Verona Fiere and the Studio city, was listed as a collateral that every year the fair promotes in conjunction with the event city. Until Sunday, January 8, 2017.

via SOLO Music Gallery


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