Aural landscape of WW1

IDEA: Explore the aural landscape of 1916 and WW1.

WHAT: A sound installation with the title ‘Time’ for the Making History 1916 exhibition at the Ulster Museum. She examined themes of love and loss connected to the Easter Rising and worked with singing groups and artists based in the north-west to develop a contemporary piece of music that responded to those themes. Ceara created casts of white gramophone horns to symbolize lilies and to signify the amplification of loss. The contemporary sound piece ‘Say goodbye to someone you love’ was created and performed by the artist and features singing by the Derry Traditional Singing Circle and artist Lihi Shivak.

WHY: The continuation of saying goodbye is a universal soundscape. She was drawn to the fact that during war times songs were used to lure men into conscripting and that one of our resounding soundscapes throughout time is that of people saying goodbye to each other, through death, through war and migration. 

BY: Ceara Conway commissioned by the Nerve Center, Derry & the Ulster Museum, Belfast

Photographs courtesy of Deirdre Power.

via SOLO Music Gallery


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