On Note

IDEA: Miniature illustrations on sheet music.

WHAT: Musical notation is a fascinating form of typography, with room for interpretation. The musician reads melodies and accompaniment, while the uninitiated can only see strange dots and quirky lines. Lena Erlich takes it a step further, she reads the notations as a landscape on which she can draw colourful stories in her very personal style.

WHY: Erlach started doodling what she saw around her on a page from a music book using coloured markers and pencils. She has since developed the concept using the spaces between the notes and staves to draw romantic or humorous scenes from the city and the surrounding countryside.

BY: Russian illustrator Lena Erlich

via SOLO Music Gallery

One thought on “On Note

  1. As a cartoonist and musician (I play in a UK style brass band) – I was delighted to find this article. I have always doodled on the band parts when I get bored in rehearsal but Lena Erlich has taken this to a new dimension. I have never seen anything like this before and it has given me so many ideas that I can’t wait to get started on them. Thanks for featuring this artist on ‘Those That Make Waves’ as I might not have seen this unique form of art


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