IDEA: Transforming status; vaporising sound.

WHAT: An interactive ambiance sound installation that contains four layers of sound. The sensors react with the humidity of the room, the temperature of the audience’s skin and translates the vaporization rate into a sound modulation. It emphasizes the biomechanic process of the human body and embodies the self-containing generative soundscape in a vaporized atmosphere.

WHY: Vaporization is about the changing of state, thus turning liquid to vapor where it occurs in our body. We breath; we sweat; heartbeats hit and blood flows. That’s how the internal circulation work and regular the body temperature. The heat evaporates through sweating hence for the result. Our body works like an orchestra, and its micro sounds are amazing.

BY: n0nh1m (Chris Cheung), created for the NikeLab’s ‘The Vision-Airs Pavilion’ in Art Central Hong Kong.

via SOLO Music Gallery

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