Magnetic Sound Sculptures

IDEA: Magnetic sound sculptures for ritualized sound meditation.

WHAT: The works often explore ritualized listening, offered as guided group sound meditations, or as sound-generating sculpture. Resonating sculptures surround listeners, creating immersive listening spaces for self-reflection and contemplation. Recent exhibitions showcase a new invention he calls ‘Magnetic Sound’; sculptures that use varying magnetic fields to induce vibrations in metal and wood.

WHY: On a journey to explore the integration of these meditative sounds with lifestyle, the artist is producing a growing collection of sculptures for others to develop their own unique sound rituals. Past exhibitions included experimental collaborations with teachers from long-standing healing arts practices such as Asana Yoga, Tibetan Tummo breathwork, acupuncture, and Ch’an meditation.

BY: MJ Caselden is a sound artist and inventor. He leads a design firm in New York City dedicated to prototyping and innovative use of technology, helping artists and tech companies realize new ideas. His art has been shown around the world in art and meditation spaces such as the New Museum of Contemporary Art, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, and Times Square NY.

via SOLO Music Gallery

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