Sound Paintings

IDEA: Juxtapose sound to visual.

WHAT: Exploring a synesthetic aesthetic that the artist describes as a subjective experience of musicality. She looks at the subtle limits of inner and outer worlds and examines matters of perception moving at the edges of the public and private, inside and outside, analogue and digital, nature and artefact. For this special edition “out of the BLUE” Juliana worked on series of musical objects and paintings, dealing with blue print technique and ‘augmented’ sound.

WHY: The work of Juliana Herrero comes from a spatial sensibility but it goes beyond the medium. Transcending conventional formats, dissecting and re-layering, she transforms her materials into new immersive and fictional realities of affection. Her work embraces subjects that connect life, nature and virtual dimensions, pending at the limits of the illusionary and the real. 

BY: Juliana Herrero, ‘Sound Works’ exhibition currently at SPOTTE in New York City.

via SOLO Music Gallery

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